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There were some cute drawings of fires and what looked like a bunch of us in the cave, and she also drew a mammoth, but it was with another mammoth. I banged on the second mammoth and said "Graaaaaaaaa," and she acted like it was nothing that she came up with the idea of two mammoths. I might have told my friends about it later, when we were all jumping around and bellowing by the lake, and I know some of them could smell it on me and they're acting like, you're the man.Though you know, maybe I was being so complimentary because I just liked the way she stank. Neither of us really knew what we were doing, and I was afraid her dad or one of the big alpha males would come over and bash in my head with a rock, but they left us alone. So what, it's how guys talk, and don't tell me that girls don't because I overheard my sister telling her friends once that "oooook ooook oooog" shit, which is just nasty. I mean, no way am I going to paint her on the cave wall.I don't care if it is her art project, you don't get a free pass on being a jerk just because you're an artist. I never went over to her side of the cave again, and when she came to find me a couple times I crawled under the bear skins and pretended I wasn't home. She might still be painting me like a lot of those bitter exes who get into cave painting just to trash people, but that's her problem.Kind of chickenshit I know, but I didn't want to deal. I drew some stick women getting trampled by mammoths, but you can't really tell who it is. But I sure learned that if you get into a relationship with a cave painter, you better be ready for them to paint about you. [Editor'z note: This is a parody, inspired by this article (still available here) by this person.Improved techniques now date the earliest stone structures at Stonehenge to about 2600 B. Sir Joseph Norman Lockyer, who co-discovered helium and founded the journal, Nature, wrote in 1901 that the Heel Stone section of Stonehenge "had been originally aligned with the summer solstice" and calculated that it was built in 1800 B. Further investigations have suggested that Stonehenge was an astronomical observatory, a place of worship and healing or perhaps a cemetery.Whatever its exact history, origins or age, thousands each year flock to Stonehenge to welcome the sun on the summer solstice.Anyway, I waited until her dad was out of the cave or dead or something -- I'm not really sure who her dad was -- and then I sneaked over and grabbed her and dragged her to my side of the cave. But then back in the cave one night, this guy I know looked over to where she was sleeping, then looked at me, then looked at the cave wall, then at me. Talking to friends is one thing, but anybody can walk by and see a cave painting.

I’ve seen all too little of that sensibility in reports on our own economic plight, so I’ve tried to revive it a bit, both in the online column for the Awl and in the book.

1952: An analysis of the carbon-14 radioisotope in a piece of charred oak from an excavated pit at Stonehenge estimates that the mysterious structure on England's Salisbury Plain is 3,800 years old, plus or minus 275 years.

The carbon-dating process that dated Stonehenge to about 1848 B. was conducted by the technique's godfather, Willard Libby.

I thought he was going to kick my ass or hit me with a rock, but then he showed me her side of the cave, where it looked like she had been doing a lot of painting. But the worst -- the absolute worst -- was showing a bunch of stick men by the lake.

OBVIOUSLY it was supposed to be me and my friends, like I have to spend all my time with her now.

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