Aspxgridview rowupdating change value

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I will not go in the detail about the environment and developing requirements, if interested jump op to my other posts.The attached project is written in Visual Studio 2012. Also you will need a Microsoft SQL Server 2012, Express or and more advanced version will be just fine.

In order to make this thing actually work, we need to modify the stored procedure that we defined in previous post sp_Get Credit Card Imports.

Still I will let you discover them and invent new ones.

We are going to make our row editable on double click and in order to achieve that we will write down a function (in Java Script) that is going to be associated to the grids client side event called Row Dbl Click. At first we will add in our ASPX file, inside the grid definition a new section that is called Client Side Events (as we already did for other controls) and it will look like: It is that simple!

Because of this, we have our edit controls in read only state.

You can find on Devexpress support web site several issues that are speaking about this behavior and why of it. Define the following server side event: What we defined here is checking if the cells that are going in edit mode are the one we are aiming to put in edit (not the Name and Total columns) and if so we are setting a couple of properties.

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