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Is probably the hardest post I've ever had to write. Since Christmas is coming up, I want to give a gift to you guys! I have been obsessed with editing photos and like ... :cherry_blossom: °•°Hello my Pastel Petals°•° :cherry_blos... ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⊰ ✿ ⊱ Featured Feed Nominations If you have a post you would like to see featured, don’t hesitate to link it in the nomination comments.

I never thought I would be typing these words, and even as I do, my heart breaks. Is probably the hardest post I've ever had to writ... full name — kim jisung stage name — jisung birthday — december 21, 2000 position — main rapper (high-tone) height — 171cm weight — 47kg blood type — o jisung is a member of ten-member boy ... PLEASE be aware to not contact a curator or leader personally through private ...

I thought I might do something different this time of year! 2017 december twentieth ———————— ✧ ———————— my king has finally made a comeback♡ i’ve been seeing his teaser pictures, and i had an idea of what he was going to do with them and how he was going to take ... :cherry_blossom: °•°Hello my Pastel Petals°•° :cherry_blossom: I'm still not quite up to making a proper blog, but I thought I might as well post this because I've always posted about teasers for Monsta X's upcoming ...I give him morale support, and then he said a he was able to raise 2/3 rd of the tax payment, and the UAE govermement will take the rest of the tax payment later. I don't think she has sent money yet but I did bust her looking at the premarital class info for our state. The person who's dealing with Kalvin Montana, don't believe a word he/she said, if you have spoken to this guy, I have a voice mail message from my scammer, and he sounds like the same guy who fed me that line of BS.But since he used up all his assets for completing his project and had to get all his family and friends to help him raise the tax money, he can't ask them for more money, as he now needs money to buy a plane ticket back to US to come and meet me and pay the enormous expense he incurred while he was there for over a week. I wanted to believe so much he was real, but when he asked for money, I knew he was trying to scam me. The 6.5 million dollar check he received had to be personally deposited by him when he was back in the US. I talked to him for the second time through a international line 971 he gave as he said his original cell phone number was no longer working for some odd reason (I called that number and it's no longer in service). Accidently call him by William Perry, Lawrence Morgan, or Christopher and see what kind of reaction you get from him.He needs to pay the foreigner tax of 35,0000 before the UAE government can give his payment. The number he gave me was's a burner phone. He gave her the same story of ex wife (not sure if she passed away or not) but a 9 or 10 year old daughter who lives with his mother, states he originally is from Germany.By this time I am getting suspicious, and I am thinking he maybe is asking for money. He has told her several times he is going to come see her but always has a story for why it doesn't work out.

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