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With medical treatments, TIN YAN recovers gradually and she returns to work.

This edition includes making-of, music video and trailer. Although the injury is not life threatening, TIN YAN suffers from aphasia afterwards.

Yet they always seem to hang out at the same place, a sexy lingerie shop where Donut works.

Miu works for the Research and Development division of a Lingerie company.

The 2001 comedy La Brassiere starring Lau Ching Wan, Louis Koo, Carina Lau, and Gigi Leung was a massive hit with Hong Kong audiences, spawning a 2002 sequel, Mighty Baby.

Not one to leave a good thing alone, writer-director Chan Hing-Ka joins forces with co-director Janet Chun for La Lingerie, another innerwear-centric romantic comedy.

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