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Freshwater flush ports let you rinse salt and other contaminants from internal cooling passages with a garden hose.The Honda BF100 features NMEA 2000 connectivity, allowing you to network the engine systems with onboard marine electronics and view engine parameters on compatible multifunction displays.Indeed, the BF100’s 1.5-liter block produces 11 percent more horsepower than outboards in the 90 hp class, all of which possess similar or greater displacement.To further improve hole shot, the BLAST system advances the spark-plug timing and sets the air-to-fuel mixture to a richer setting when the throttle body for the Programmed Fuel Injection system is opened suddenly.Mr Moore; Thanks to you and Affordable Yachting for the asssitance, it is greatly appreiciated.Although it did not specifically address my problem it helped in several other areas of interest.

I called Honda and they couldn't tell me what year it was without the first owner's last name, which I don't have. Introduced first by Honda Marine for its V-6 outboards, VTEC varies the lift and duration of the open intake valves to deliver optimal performance at both low and high rpm.This system uses two cam-lobe profiles to operate the intake valves.The feature is standard in tiller models and optional on engines with remote throttle and shift. The BF100 comes with a multifaceted corrosion-protection system that includes a paint process using four different layers to protect the aluminum-alloy housings.In addition, multiple sacrificial anodes guard against galvanic corrosion.

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