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After a battery of diagnostic tests for viruses and bacteria, he continued Cavanagh Kramer on one of the antivirals she'd been prescribed, but made a few important changes: He added anti-inflammatory and immune-modulating drugs, as well as an antibiotic for the bacteria he found in her blood.

Within weeks, Cavanagh Kramer had enough stamina to leave her house to run two errands in a single afternoon—something she hadn't been able to do in four and a half years.

She thought she might have a sinus infection, bronchitis, or the flu. "No one could figure out what was wrong with me." When her fatigue hadn't ebbed by the following year, Cavanagh Kramer was forced to take a leave of absence from work.Both sets were put under tests to see their level of respiration – the process which generates most of their energy supply.The researchers, which included Ph D student and sufferer Cara Tomas, found the CFS cells couldn't produce as much energy.A picture of patients with highly inflamed bodies emerged before our eyes and validated what they've been telling us for decades." This year the Institute of Medicine issued a report calling CFS a "serious, chronic, complex and systemic disease" that is "real" and not to be dismissed.It also clearly defined the hallmarks of the illness and renamed it systemic exertion intolerance disease.

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