Unhandled exception updating materials 1 last marker is at

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Old scenes will still use old texture and will not change, new scenes using presets will look correct.When using more than 3 Effect nodes, an error message was triggered "too many Effect Nodes used".Director: Added Auto Follow functionality to playlist which allows to automatically scroll the current item into Playlist center upon Take.This behavior can be toggled using a window settings popup option.If this option is checked, you can use the Deltacast E-EDID tool to program an EDID into the board, and it will not be overwritten with a default EDID.In a Rendertarget or Offscreen Layer, the selection description (orange text below a selected hierarchy node) is rendered at the wrong position. The selection highlight (orange corners) works properly and remains.Internal texture "Incidence1DLambert.png" was completely transparent. This made some presets for incidence lighting not work correctly.Added new internal texture "Incidence1DLambert2.png" and update presets to use new texture.

When using shadowmaps, the calculation for Anti Alias Scale was wrong. If you set this to 1.0, there should be anti-aliasing with a filter range of one screen-space pixel, independent of field of view and z-near / far.Some devices exposed higher framerate modes that were previously not available in Ventuz.Also logic to select "auto-detect" resolution is smarter: the largest resolution at the highest framerate between 30 and 60 Hz will be used. Deltacast HDMI Capture: fixed the "preserve EDID" board option.Director: Added new Playlist toolbar containing several buttons which allow the following interactions with playlist items: move up, move down, move to top, move to bottom, select all, invert selection, delete.Each button works with a single selection as well as with a selection group.

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