Updating device xml

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The use of this file just depends on how complex the interface to your device is. For UI7 we have an : Because this plugin is used for controlling the Somfy window coverings and Vera have a default window coverings device, Somfy plugin will use the same interface file(D_Window Covering1.json) as default device.

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Do this by either: a) from a command prompt in Windows, Linux or Mac type telnet [ip address of Vera] and when you see the [email protected] Control:~# prompt enter: passwd and type in a password twice. Or b) In Vera's web UI click Advanced, Net & Wi-fi and the ' Advanced Configuration' link, and supply the password there.file, and you may also want to download the ' XML plugin' from the download page, and unzip it putting the file \Program Files\Notepad \plugins.Open D_Test in your text editor and re-save it as a different name, such as D_Somfy list of service files provided with more detail here. However in many cases the services you require may not exist.In which case you describe them in your own Service file(s) and then implement them in your Implementation file.

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