Validating dom parser

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There is also another project, Ti CPP - Tiny XML , which aims to be a more advanced "C style" interface to Tiny Xml. Article at msdn.Xml Lite Documentation High performance, lightweight native C XML parser from Microsoft.

Limitations: My tests showed that other than ASCII characters can be read.

DOM provides classes and methods to navigate and process the tree.

In general, the DOM API provides the following advantages: Release 1 (11.1), XDK provides scalable, pluggable support for DOM.

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For example, the DOM API receives the document described in Example 4-1 and creates an in-memory tree as shown in Figure 4-2.This relieves problems of memory inefficiency, limited scalability, and lack of control over the DOM configuration.For the scalable DOM, the configuration and creation are mainly supported using the interfaces.DOM configurations can be made to suit different applications.You can configure the DOM with different access patterns such as read-only, streaming, transient update, and shadow copy, achieving maximum memory use and performance in your applications.

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